How to connect with Mac OS X

Setting up vpn access under Mac OSX is quick and easy. The following instructions will take you step by step in setting up your account.

  1. First go into 'System Preferences' then 'Network'.

  2. In the window listing your connections Click the + button.
  3. In the pop up set the following Interface to 'VPN', VPN Type to "PPTP" and 'Service Name'  to anything you want, for example 'TVexpat' , click the Create button.. If you are using iOs10 or later PPTP will not be available . In this case select L2TP over IPSec. You will also need to add a 'SHARED SECRET' for L2TP . Enter 12345678 and click on OK.
  4. Leave Configuration set to Default, add the Server Address as provided in your welcome email. For 'account name' enter your TVexpat Username. Set Encryption to 'none'.

  5. Click the Authentication Settings button.
  6. For 'User Authentication' enter your TVexpat password.

  7. Tick the Show VPN status in menu bar box if it is not already done.
  8. Click the 'Advanced' button.
  9. Under options, tick the 'Send all traffic over VPN connection' button, The other 2 options should already be ticked , if not tick them also ; click ok.
  10. Click Apply and close system preferences.

Your VPN connection you have just set up will now be available in the menu bar, click Connect to use.

If you want to try an alternative configuration you can also use vpn type: L2TP, in this case the 'shared password' is: 12345678
This alternative configuration is not required.