How to connect with an iPhone and iPad

It is possible to access our VPN network with an iPhone and an iPad too.

Navigate to: Settings - General - Network - VPN - Add VPN Configuration

  1. Click on L2TP
  2. Under description enter a name of your choice for example 'TVexpat'
  3. Under Server: One of our servers ip addresses (see email)
  4. Account: Your TVexpat account username (see email)
  5. RSA securID: off
  6. Password: Your TVexpat account password (see email)
  7. Insert 12345678 in Secret box
  8. Encryption level: None
  9. Click on the button showing the name you gave 'TVexpat'
  10. Send all traffic: On
  11. SAVE
  12. Switch VPN to 'ON'
  13. Done - you are now connected.