How does it work?

TVexpat gives you access to online UK TV through a secure server connections, giving you a personal dedicated UK IP address.

  • TVexpat is not a proxy service, we offer you a secure VPN connection
  • We do not offer a 'shared' proxy service. Each subscriber receives a unique personal private secure IP address
  • We offer you access to several different UK servers you can connect to so there is always a back up system available.
  • No speed or download limit restrictions, the only limiting factor could be your own local internet connection
  • Secure, private and anonymous connection to our servers
  • No configuration required when using the TVexpat VPN dialer, just enter your login and password and you're ready to go

No matter from where in the world you connect from, it will appear as if you are on the internet in the UK. You'll be able to view UK TV programmes and have full use of any on line services and features just as if you are in the UK. We are NOT re-broadcasting UK TV content as this is readily available to UK residents, we are offering a service to allow your computer to behave as if in the UK and enjoy all the benefits you could expect as a UK located user.

System requirements:

In case you don’t know what you have got, basically you need a reasonable modern PC or laptop (Windows or MAC) . Normally anything up to about 3 or maybe 4 years old should be OK but newer is better. You must have a broadband Internet connection. Slow speed dial up Internet connection will not be able to download video streaming.

For the more technically minded:

  • PC - Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 , Mac - OS X or higher / Ipads and Iphones/ Linux
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or higher), Firefox and Chrome
  • Windows Media Player (version 10 or higher recommended)
  • Minimum 500 MB Ram ( 1GB preferred)
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • Broadband (ADSL / Cable /Wireless/4G or 5G ) access Internet connection [not suitable for dial up connections]
  • Ability to download and install files with Administrators rights

Mac OS X/Windows 64bit users will receive the necesary information to setup the connection manually. Linux is unsupported but users should be able to gather the necesary information from the other guides needed to create a PPTP or L2TP TVexpat connection.

View setup instructions


Internet services vary depending upon your provider. Some companies offer broadband Internet with limited access. If you exceed certain download limits your Internet Service Provider may slow down your connection or you may be charged extra. is not responsible for any restrictions imposed by individual Internet service providers. In case you have any doubts please email us at or contact your Internet service provider for clarification of your contract terms and conditions. is not responsible for the content providers or websites viewed by our customers. Broadcasters may change content, amend their internet publishing policies or stop broadcasting certain features via the Internet at their own discretion. Whilst everything possible will be done to keep abreast of any changes we cannot be held responsible for policy changes of any of the broadcasters or websites that may offer TV, video streaming or other services accessed through our services.

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