Can anyone use TVexpat ?

Yes , anyone with a broadband Internet connection should be able to access TVexpat servers. If you are accessing from a private home Internet connection or via an Internet hot spot you should have no problems but if you are accessing the Internet through a company system , it may be that your company imposes security restrictions which may not allow you to connect to a private network. If you have any doubts please check with your network administrator or email us at info@tvexpat.eu.

What do I do if I can't connect?

In the unlikely event that you can't connect easily we will be happy to help you with any technical difficulties. Our initial connection process is really very simple and after that you will have a short cut on your computers desk top making reconnection again and again as simple as a mouse click. If you are having any problem please email us at info@tvexpat.eu and we will assist you with any technical questions. In the unlikely event you really can't connect we will refund your subscription in full.

We know of some?Windows?7?PC's coming out of the factories without the correct standard network settings having been configured. We've heard about this a few times and it could be that yours might be one of these. Please send us an email to?info@tvexpat.eu?and we will send you some information back about some things to check on your PC.

I can't reconnect after setting it up initially?

If you have followed the simple instructions on the dialer then you should have a new Icon on your desk top. Just double click this icon and you will return to the TVexpat dialer - click 'CONNECT' and you will be back.

IMPORTANT : iOs 10 updated in September 2016 has dropped PPTP from the connectivity protocol options. This is not a problem for TVexpat as you can select L2TP over IPSec and under the field 'Machine authentication' enter Shared Secret "12345678".

Can I create/change the desktop Icon and rename it?

If you downloaded our desktop dialer you will automatically have an icon on your desktop and your can rename it simply by right mouse clicking on the Icon and select 'rename' - enter the new name 'TVexpat' for example and click OK. You can also change the image of the Icon by right clicking , select ?'properties' and on the tab 'General' click on 'Change Icon' . there you can select whatever image you prefer.

If you created your connection manually you won't automatically have a desktop icon: Open your control panel / Network & Internet then on the left you should see some options . One is 'Change Adaptor settings' . DON'T click on it yet ....First click on the little box top right of the screen to maximise or minimise your screen so that you see your desk top in the back ground. Now you can click on 'Change Adaptor settings' and you should see the TVexpat connection in the list. Click on it once and drag it to the?desktop. Job done. You can rename it as described above.

I don't get a connection confirmation message and my IP address is still not in the UK - what do I do?

Go to the TVexpat desktop dialer and select 'properties'. There you will see several other servers in the UK - select one of them and connect again. It may be that the server is temporarily down or over busy at the moment you are connecting so please select one of the other servers and connect through that instead.

There are different servers listed under the dialer properties tab - why?

We have more than one server available all the time. this avoids downtime and ensures a high availability service at all times. In case you ever have problem connecting to one server simply select another from the list and connect there instead.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We hope of course that you won't want to but in case you do it is very simple. You only subscribe for the period you choose and if you don't renew for the next period then your subscription will automatically lapse. All payments are managed through PAYPAL and you control what is paid at all times. There is no obligation to subscribe for long periods or give notice - you decide when you want to stop. Partial refunds are not possible , for example if you subscribe for 1 month and decide to cancel after 10 days then you simply cancel by not paying the next subscription period.

If you would like to cancel this subscription at any time, here's how to cancel an automatic payment in Paypal:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Settings icon at the top right of the page.
  3. Click Payments then click Manage preapproved payments to find your TVexpat subscription payment.
  4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.

What can I do with my TVexpat connection?

You can use the Internet in exactly the same way as you do normally. Internet browsing, surfing and email will all work as it always did but you have the added advantage that you are accessing it via our secure high speed private network. This gives you a UK address so that whenever the website you are using looks at your IP profile it will recognize you as being in the UK. You can buy UK lottery tickets on line, replenish your Oyster travel card, book travel and benefit from UK only special offers and discounts, listen to UK radio on line and much more.

Is it legal?

TVexpat does not support any illegal activities on the Internet. We offer our subscribers access to a secure high speed server network physically located in the UK. Using our network is safe and secure and gives you the benefits of UK IP address, additional security and full access to Internet services that you want to enjoy. Using the Internet , TVexpat introduces you to a way to enjoy media and other similar services without needing expensive satellite dishes and decoders. Our servers are physically located in the UK so you are accessing the Internet from the UK - this is completely legal.

Is there any risk or advantage?

There is no risk at all . On the contrary by having access to our private network you will enjoy an additional level of Internet security because we operate servers which need to be professionally secure. When you access the Internet directly through your home Internet connection you could be open to malicious attacks or spy-ware. By using the TVexpat private network anyone looking at your connection will identify your PC as being connected in the UK so it makes it much more difficult to target you directly. Spy-ware and phishing attacks are widespread on the Internet and are used to gain access to personal private information from your PC. You will be much better shielded from such malicious attacks from behind our private network.

Can I connect more than 1 computer at a time?

No, not at the same time but if you have more than one PC you could use the same password and log on but just not at the same time.?If you try to log on more than one PC with the same log on and password the newest connection will knock out the other connection.

How can I connect my computer to my TV?

This will depend on what kind of computer you and what kind of TV you own. Most recent TVs and computers are equipped with an HDMI port. You need to connect an HDMI cable (available from any electrical retailer) between your computer and TV then select the 'source' on your TV set up and you should see your PC on your TV screen. HDMI carries video and audio in one cable. Don't confuse HDMI with USB - they look a bit similar but are not the same.

Some computers and some TVs may not have an HDMI connector so you need to see what you have. Older PC's may have an s-video output (small round connection with tiny holes for several pins to connect) which can connect to an RCA yellow video input on the TV. You will then need to get a seperate cable for the audio which you can take from the headphone socket on computer to the RCA audio input on your TV. This cable will look like the same cable you would have on your headphones opening out to a red and white RCA plug to connect into your TV set. Then select the 'source' on your TV and you should see your PC screen on your TV set.

Can I use TVexpat on a 'Smart TV'?

NO, unfortunately Smart TV's actually aren't that smart. They are no where near as smart as you computer or your ipad and this means that they do not have the capability to deal with the network set up and configuration that is needed to connect to a remote server in a different country. Many 'Smart' TVs are country specific and are hard programmed to the country they are intended for. This limits the possibilities to allow anything but basic connectivity.

What if I have a question?

Please email your question to info@tvexpat.eu and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.


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